New Blog!

Hello dear readers! After close to a year long hiatus from writing, I am back! Except I have decided to start fresh with a new blog, Patience and Pressure.

I have learned a lot and come a long way while writing in Doesn’t Have to Be This Way, and will leave all of these posts up. Most of the posts here were ones I wrote and posted in a single setting, finding images using google and posting before I could get cold feat or overanalyze. My new blog is part of a shift in my posting, away from the ‘Quick! Post ASAP before I edit to death!’ and more toward patience and sitting on things a little longer.

Also, my new blog features images that I drew myself, like the one below – I’m learning how to draw cartoons! I’m super excited about this!


I will continue to write about justice, trans issues, and anxiety. Please follow me there – I’ve already got a few new posts up!

Deep thanks for all your support here – hope to see you there!

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