International Women’s Day

[Below is something I posted on social media today. I’m sharing it here as is, unpolished (per my usual self-imposed blog standards), so more folks can easily find it and link to it if they want. Hopefully I will find time to expand on this more in a future post soon!]

So, FB tells me that it’s ‘International Women’s Day’, and I want to lift a few things up. First, it’s really fabulous to see so many folks taking the opportunity to lift up the names and accomplishments of so many underappreciated, badass women.

Second, I want to share my gut reaction when I saw the FB messaging about this day: I felt the dread of invisibility and exclusion – not as a man, but as a trans person. I felt the weight of all the exclusion and denigration of transwomen that has been spouted in the name of feminism. I felt the weight of how anatomy is equated with gender, and how conflicted and excluded (and misgendered) I feel as a person with a uterus from reproductive justice fights (while also not wanting to reframe yet another issue to be about men). I felt the invisibility of all of my non-binary trans siblings who do not have a day of recognition, despite also continuing to be erased out of existence. I felt the exhaustion of erasure in the face of binary gender systems, and how ‘women’s issues’ often focus disproportionately on the needs of financially stable, white, straight, cis women.

So today, I celebrate women of all flavors, and especially trans women and trans feminine people. I celebrate everyone who is expected to be a woman despite not being one. I celebrate all those who do not yet know they are women. I celebrate all those who do not yet know they are *not* women. I celebrate everyone who has forged on in the face of misogyny, in the face of being bullied for being too feminine – or not feminine enough. I celebrate everyone whose identities, lives, and accomplishments have been erased by omission.

Rock on, beautiful people. Keep being fabulous.

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