Comment Policy

All comments are subject to my approval before being published on any of my blog posts. Don’t let this discourage you! I am usually pretty on top of approving comments shortly after they are submitted.

Comments that are welcome and will be approved include but are not limited to the following types:

– Expressions of personal experiences, even – and especially if – these experiences run counter to my own experiences and writings.

– Comments that call me out on any unexamined privilege showing in my posts – please, please point this stuff out to me if you see it and are up to it!

– Earnest questions about anything I have written.

– Debating terminology or other actually-up-for-debate content. (Note: This does not include the existence of trans* people.)

Comments with the following content will not be approved:

– Any denial of the existence or experiences of transgender people. For example, suggesting that I am not the gender I know myself to be, or suggesting that I or anyone could simply make some kind of decision to be a different gender, or that transgender people somehow brought their plights upon themselves – these kinds of comments will be laughed at and then ignored and not published. Also included in this category is any suggestion that being transgender is ‘not natural’ or somehow against science. Please note, I am myself a scientist.

– Any denial of the existence of oppression, or denial of the experiences of people who face oppression. Included in this category are any comments denying the existence of white privilege, sexism, heteronormativity, unconscious bias, etc.

– Any comment obviously designed to put me or others down, or to troll in any way.

As a final note, if you happen to know me personally, please do not use my name in your comments (if you do, I will edit it out, and I would rather not have to do that). Thank you.

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