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Words, Words, Words and their Meanings

Transgender The other day I was considering ordering a beer at a restaurant. Others at my table ordered before me, and I realized that the waitress was carding everyone, which hasn’t been happening as frequently in my life as I’ve … Continue reading

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On Being ‘Other’

I grew up in quite liberal, accepting environments. At one of the schools I went to for many years, the gay kids were the cool kids, not the outcasts. I later went to a women’s college, where there was a … Continue reading

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Optical Gender Illusions: How to Truly See Your Trans* Friend’s Gender

I have entered an ambiguous time in my transition. Like the color of the tiles in the checker shadow illusion, how my gender is perceived is often entirely context dependent. In the checker shadow illusion, shown above, the tiles labeled … Continue reading

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Tips For Getting Pronouns Right

1 – If you are not sure of someone’s preferred pronouns, start by avoiding using any to refer to that person. If you have friends or colleagues in common, try asking one of those people if they know what pronouns … Continue reading

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The Impact of Misgendering

Today, at the food carts where I go to buy lunch, I was called ‘miss’ for the first time in at least two weeks. With my slowly changing appearance, I thought I was finally starting to get past this. I … Continue reading

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